Black Coffee Lyrics, Surfers Paradise

This quaint little cafe is hidden away in a run down arcade in the center of Surfers Paradise. The decor of the cafe can be described as quirky and messily put together, but it works. From the random classy dining table to the planks of woods, the broken bookshelves with a wide selection of novels to the old family favourite board games, this cafe has a vintage and cosy feel.

The first time J and I stumbled upon this cafe, the drinks were mediocre but we were enticed by the atmosphere. With another trip back to the coast, we decided to try their breakfast as it was more original than the usual bacon and eggs with toast.

The breakfast was delectably amazing. J got the First Timer – cheesy turkish bread layered with a helping of mesculin lettuce, bacon, poached egg and a creamy basil sauce.

I got a Salmon on the Run (I think that’s what it was called) which consisted of two slices of turkish bread with a spreading of cream cheese, smoked salmon, onions, mesculin lettuce, poached egg.Β 

The combination of flavours mixed so beautifully, it can only be defined as an orgasm in the mouth.

J, being a coffee addict got himself a latte. I’m not quite the straight coffee drinker due to a very sweet tooth, so I ordered a vanilla latte. The coffee was a blend of caffeine and sweetness which rolled down the throat smoothly. It definitely does stand out as one of the best coffees I’ve had thus far.

The only downside to this cafe is the slow and sometimes forgetful service. The staff there are however very nice and friendly.

Black Coffee Lyrics is a definite must visit if you are staying overnight at the coast or if you somehow make your way up there early for breakfast. You won’t be disappointed.

In love and food,


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