Thyme2, Sofitel Brisbane Hotel

A seafood lover’s dream sums up Thyme 2. Located next to the bustling Central Station in Brisbane, this elegant, modernistic interactive buffet is perfect for a romantic evening. As you enter the restaurant, you are promptly greeted and whisked away, if you are lucky, next to a window seat overlooking the city. The candle lit atmosphere breathes a sense of intimacy and privacy, perfect for stuffing your face without judgement.

Known as an interactive buffet, chefs stand behind the bar cooking away. There are rice dishes, curry, sushi, noodles, stir fries, baked vegetables and salads. A taste of everything to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. However, the most coveted food station is the seafood bar. Stocked with prawns, crabs, Moreton Bay bugs, smoked salmon and oysters, this is one of the freshest seafood bar I have encountered in Brisbane.

Thyme2 does not disappoint with their selection of desserts. Situated in the center dessert table is a chocolate fondue fountain, surrounded by marshmallows and strawberries. Popular for any chocolate lovers out there. If chocolate fondue doesn’t run right up your alley, there is also a large selection of cakes ranging from mud cake, chocolate or vanilla mousse, tart, pavlova and macaroons. Next to these delectable cakes, there is an ice cream bar containing the neapolitan ice cream favourites as well as gelato. If these desserts still aren’t for you, there is also a selection of seasonal fruits such as mangoes, cherries, strawberries and watermelon. 

A creative way to display the macaroons
Although more expensive than your average buffet, Thyme2 is well worth it. From the amazing attentive staff to the wide range of food whether cooked or fresh, it is an unmissable experience that will be tantalizing for any taste buds. 
In love and food,

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