7-8 Cafe Restaurant, Robertson

In loving memory…

Tucked away in Robertson, 7-8 Cafe Restaurant, or more fondly known as 7-8, is a hidden treasure chest of delicious food and drinks. When entering the restaurant, there are two types of seating available. The typical dining experience of a table and chair or a Japanese inspired style with low tables and cushions on the floor. The low tables and cushions are surprisingly quite comfortable and make the dining experience a more intimate affair.

7-8 is a popular destination for students in particular as the food is affordable without lacking in quality nor taste. As well as this, 7-8 provides a large selection of drinks ranging from coffees, soft drinks to a large variety of flavoured teas and dessert-like drinks. Mix this in with some snacks such as wedges or chips and it makes the perfect place to sit, relax and catch up with friends.

The food menu is quite extensive with different categories including rice dishes, hot pot, sizzling dishes, udon and spaghetti.

Pumpkin Spaghetti

J and I frequent 7-8 like we would a second home and have particular dishes that we crave. Having gone through different phases, such as always ordering either the fried chicken or the sizzling dish, the pumpkin spaghetti has finally stolen my heart. The creaminess of the pumpkin sauce mixed with the melted cheese and bacon just simply delights every taste bud on my tongue.

Kimchi Hotpot

J usually orders a kimichi or lavander hotpot which both smells and taste delicious. The hotpot dishes come with the hotpot soup with the chosen meat and vegetables, a bowl of rice, a chilli dipping sauce and a side bowl of salad. The soup bursts with an amazing aroma and as you taste the soup, it sends a tantalizing sensation on your taste buds that’s filled with a mixture of flavours, all blending in perfectly. The dipping sauce on the side adds extra texture and flavour and is a must with the meat. 

Sadly, 7-8 Cafe Restaurant has just recently closed. Having dined there most nights for over a year, this is news has been devastating. The staffs here have all been wonderful and welcoming and hopefully the restaurant is only in transition to a different location, and not merely closed down.

In love and food,

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