Bazaar, QT Hotel

Situated on the outskirts of Surfers Paradise, Bazaar is a newly renovated interactive marketplace buffet located at the QT Hotel. The newly renovated interior of the hotel is fresh, vibrant, retro but still modern, tastefully fitted with a sunny Gold Coast beach theme.

Upon arriving at Bazaar, one of the friendly staff gave J and I a private tour of the restaurant and explained how their interactive buffet worked. Particular meals could be ordered, made on the spot and then swiftly brought to your table otherwise you could choose from the vast selection of food already presented in the buffet. The food ranged from fresh organic salads, oven cooked pizzas, hearty roasts to fresh seafood and a mixed variety of Asian dishes. The desserts available at Bazaar are dainty bite sized pieces which are all made by a French chef located on site.

The seafood station included mouth watering oysters, scallops, prawns and crabs.

As always, the seafood left a tantalizing smile on my taste buds and a happy sigh in my stomach.

A tasting plate consisting of delicious pork belly, soft shell crab, zucchini and fig. The pork belly meat melts in your mouth whereas the soft shell crab was crispy but still with a soft texture. I can not say I was too much of a fan of the zucchini however, the fig was sweet and delicious and if possible, I would have loved a whole tasting plate of just the fig.

J also ordered a steak cooked to medium rare. The steak was amazing as one found at a reputable steakhouse, however it lacked some side sauces. One of my favourite was the yum cha dishes which included the prawn dumplings and pork dim sims. Made on site, and steamed to order, they burst with flavour and freshness. 
Oyster Shots

The desserts were absolutely to die for. The mini velvet cupcake was moist and sweet and the macarons. Oh the macarons. They were perfect in every way possible, not too sweet, not too bland, the perfect amount of gooey softness and crunch and the fillings inside complimented the macaron flavourings.
During our visit, the French dessert chef came into the restaurant and was available to create desserts by requests on the spot. We unfortunately had just filled ourselves up to maximum capacity and could not fit in another sweet delight.

The service at Bazaar is absolutely amazing. Every waiter, waitress and chef was constantly smiling, being very helpful and informative with any questions thrown at them. They were also amazing at remembering orders and somehow finding you in the busy restaurant to deliver it. Bazaar is definitely a buffet worth experiencing so next time you find yourself at Surfers Paradise, have a visit and see what dishes the chefs have ready to serve you.

In love and food,


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