Ribs & Rumps, Marina Mirage

Situated on the pier overlooking the waters at Marina Mirage, Ribs and Rumps is the destination for delicious, mouth watering meat, meat and more meat.

As a growing steakhouse franchise in Australia, Ribs and Rumps is renowned for its mouth watering steaks, juicy ribs and flavoursome buffalo wings, all served up on a wooden board in large man-sized portions.

J and I ordered buffalo wings as an entree. These wings were smothered in a tangy BBQ relish, which quickly made the tongue salivate for more as we polished them off.

Half a rack of pork ribs, half a rack of lamb ribs, a 220g rump steak, fries and a very satisfied stomach. The rump steak was char grilled to a perfect medium rare with the meat being very tender and juicy. The ribs were slow cooked and then grilled with a zesty sauce leaving the meat tender and soft, falling right off the bone. Both meats were filled with finger-licking flavour that leaves your palette wanting more.

With friendly and fast service, Ribs and Rumps has your stomach filled with mouth watering deliciousness. This place is perfect for those with a hearty appetite and for those that may want to try the challenge of eating their way through a 1kg man-o-war rump & fries and a full rack of juicy ribs & fries.

In love and food,


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6 thoughts on “Ribs & Rumps, Marina Mirage

  1. Haha! I love the name of the place! Ribs and Rumps! That's genius! I don't eat meat, but I admit that the food looks great. Very high-quality!


    [your everyday girl,
    writing about guys]


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