Carolina Kitchen, Cooparoo

Hidden on a corner in the middle of suburbia, Carolina Kitchen is an American style joint that boosts to have food for the soul. Specialising in hoagies, ribs and wings, this joint is quite popular with the locals.

With an American style decor, Carolina Kitchen is quite small, seating approximately 10-15 people. The restaurant itself is not fancy, but more of a place where you can feast, pig out and get sauce all over your fingers to your tummy’s delight.

J and I decided to have a try of everything saucy and meaty so we order a rack of ribs, buffalo wings and a side of New York fries.

The New York fries were simply amazing. The fresh crispiness of the chicken salted fries topped with melted cheese, salsa and sour cream was like a hot hot hot sibling to nachos. But I personally think anything would taste good with melted cheese, salsa and sour cream.

The buffalo wings were seemingly succulent, although J and I could have gone up a notch in the chilli scale. The blue cheese dipping sauce that is traditionally accompanied with the buffalo wings worked with the palette to build up a burst of flavour.

The BBQ ribs, slow cooked in Carolina Kitchen’s special sauce, was tender falling off the bone quite easily. Their BBQ sauce was bursting with flavour and dripping in delicious sauciness. The highlight of the meal however, was definitely the New York fries.

Being very affordable, Carolina Kitchen is worth the visit if you are in the area, or just looking for a big saucy meat feast. The buffalo wings and ribs were extremely appetizing, definitely one of the better BBQ joints that Brisbane has to offer.

In love and food,


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