Geláre, South Bank

Situated in the dining precinct of South Bank, Geláre is an amazing modern cafe that offers ice cream, drinks and to die for freshly baked Belgian waffles.

When J and I decided to try out Geláre, I was eager to try their premium ice cream which is created as a fuse of American and Italian style ice cream, blending in the creaminess and strong intense flavours. However, upon entering the cafe, I was taken away by the mouth watering smell of their waffles. The waffles at Geláre are light, fluffy, crispy and fresh. Being freshly baked, they smelt absolutely delicious. I ended up ordering waffles with added cookie dough ice cream, fresh cream and waffle syrup. The fusion of the light crispy waffle and the creaminess of the cookie dough ice cream melted together into dessert heaven.

J ordered an affogato, which is a shot of hot espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Although the flavours of the coffee was strong, the melted ice cream made it creamy and sweet.

On Tuesdays Geláre offers a half price deal on their waffles, an offer too good to resist. This cafe is definitely a destination to try if you’re out dining in South Bank and need a place to relax with some coffee and desserts.

In love and food,


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