Saké, Eagle Street Pier

Nestled on the waterfront of the Eagle Street Dining precinct, Saké is a chic, earthy and intimate restaurant that offers contemporary Japanese cuisine. A fusion of traditional ingredients with a twist.

For starters, we had sashimi tacos which consisted of tuna or ocean trout sashimi with chilled tomato salsa in a miniature taco, which was washed down with Kozaemon Junmai sake shots. The sashimi was fresh, mixing delectably with the tomato flavours. 

The tuna tataki salad was tossed with satoimo chips and tataki which was sweet and crisp, cleansing the palate.

The prawn tempura pieces were rolled inside out with torched spicy mayo and spicy tobiko. The sweetness of the spicy mayo heightens the flavours of the prawn tempura, leaving you wanting more. 

With a penchant for soft shell crab, the spider maki did not disappoint. The spicy tobiko, chives, cucumber and mayo fused beautifully with the soft shell crab, sending the spider maki to sushi heaven. 

With dessert essentially being the most important part of the meal, I ordered a deconstructed Russian cream which is in essence, buttermilk panacotta with raspberry coulis. 
The staff at Saké are attentive and extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of their dining and drinks menu. As a contemporary Japanese restaurant serving fresh sashimi and delectable sushi, Saké is a fine dining restaurant that would make a great place for celebrations. 
In love and food,

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