Guzman y Gomez, Carindale

With the grand opening of the new wing at Westfield Carindale, a new dining precinct was unveiled. Among the many new eateries, Guzman y Gomez stands out with their bright interiors, loud music and the long lines of people that wind down and outside the eatery during the peak lunch periods.

With a few stores opening up around Brisbane in the recent weeks, Guzman y Gomez is fast becoming a popular destination for Mexican food that bursts with traditional mouthwatering flavours.

As always, J and I shared a chicken nachos. The meat was marinated and tender on a bed of crispy nacho chips. Although there was a lack of sour cream, the juicy tomatoes and guacamole were enough to cause a flavour-some taste explosion in the mouth when served with the chicken on top of a nacho chip. 

The hard shelled taco is my favourite dish to order when coming to a Mexican joint. Guzman y Gomez did not disappoint in terms of crunch, flavour and taste. When eating a hard shelled taco, I have always found it to start cracking or break unceremoniously half way through. However, the tacos at Guzman y Gomez stayed intact through the entire meal. I ordered one steak and one beef taco, with the steak taco being more delectable than the latter.

J ordered a spicy steak burrito which is rolled in a soft tortilla with a helping of rice, cheddar cheese, black beans and tomatillo salsa. While stealing a few bites from his meal, I found the burrito to have the perfect ratio of meat, rice and beans. The steak was juicy and tender bursting with a spicy tinge that complimented the savoriness of the rice and beans.

Guzman y Gomez with it’s upbeat and bright atmosphere, is an affordable Mexican food joint that will cater to any hungry tummies out there. They even have a membership card if you find yourself gravitating back to their eatery time and time again.

In love and food,


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