Jam Jar, West End

Along a dedicated strip of restaurants in the heart of West End, Jam Jar is a little quirky cafe that is more than meets the eye.

Reknown for its coffee and extensive dining menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner from locally sourced food, Jam Jar is the embodiment of quality deliciousness. The atmosphere and service is friendly and relaxed, with an array of portraits along the walls promoting local artists.

Slightly becoming quite the coffee addict of late, I found the latte at Jam Jar to be creamy, frothy, mild but sweet in flavour and absolutely enticing to the taste buds. Also awakening to the brains on an early morning.

Their Big Breakfast came highly recommended consisting of sourdough toast, bacon, poached eggs, mushrooms, pork sausages, caramelised onion, grilled tomato, spinach and potato and feta cake. The sourdough toast was abit too toasty and hard but the rest of the food on the plate was utter deliciousness. The potato and feta cake in particular was delectable in which a small part of me wished that there was a meal where an abundance of it was served up.
Jam Jar is one of the many cafes in West End that should be paid a visit simply to bring amazing company and bask in their relaxing atmosphere and delicious food. 
In love and food,

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