MeetFresh, Sunnybank

With more than 100 stores worldwide, MeetFresh  has finally arrived in Brisbane, targeting the Asian suburb of Sunnybank. Set out in a spacious modern interior, MeetFresh offers a range of desserts and drinks with something there for everyone.

The desserts at MeetFresh are prepared fresh and are seemingly ‘healthy’ as they are all made from natural and fresh ingredients.

The Signature Herbal Jelly consisting of herbal ice, herbal jelly, hand made taro balls and cream is one of the more popular dessert item on the menu. The herbal jelly, which is made from natural plant extracts, packs a punch in yummy goodness.

Herbal Jelly 6 packs in herbal ice, herbal jelly, pearls, noodle jelly and glutinous cake (which was sold out) so red beans were replaced instead. The different textures mixed with the cold ice left a refreshing feeling on the palette.

The Supreme Mango Milk crushed ice was a brain freeze delight oozing in sweetness. The only downside was the canned mangos, which was however still delectable in being an accompaniment to the entire dessert.

With an amazing frothy, sweet coolness that refreshes all the taste buds with every sip, the Herbal Tea with whipped cream is a must try item on the menu.

Opening until late every night, MeetFresh is the perfect place to revive and delight the tummy with the refreshing and delectable desserts and drinks on offer.

In love and food,


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