Starberry, Surfers Paradise

Starberry, situated in Surfers Paradise along Elkhorn Ave, offers a delectable range of frozen yoghurt and smoothies. Advertised as a ‘healthy’ alternative, the simplicity and interaction at Starberry is enough to draw in curious customers.

J and I stumbled across this little dessert bar in a Japanese tourist magazine where after seeing it, quickly made our way to Starberry to fill our sweet-starved tummies. 

There are 8 frozen yoghurt flavours at one time, with over 35 flavours that changes seasonally. When J and I went to Starberry, there was forest berries, mango, passionfruit, creme caramel, chocolate, wild cherry, coconut and original yoghurt flavours. 

The tub of frozen yoghurt is charged by the grams so you can put as much or as little as you want.

I definitely had to try some of the creme caramel as it is my all time favourite in dessert and ice-cream flavours.

After choosing from the selection of frozen yoghurts (yes, you are allowed more than one flavour *yay*), we moved on to the topping station where there is an array of toppings ranging from fruits to lollies to chocolates and nuts.

J went all out with chocolate and mango frozen yoghurt topped with nuts, sprinkles and crushed cookies.

I went for a more healthy approach and chose passionfruit frozen yoghurt topped with passionfruit syrup pieces, lychee and kiwi alongside creme caramel frozen yoghurt topped with nuts and chocolate pieces.

The passionfruit frozen yoghurt, although  more on the sour side, was absolutely delicious paired up with the lychee as it balanced out the flavour, bringing along some sweetness. The creme caramel frozen yoghurt was heavenly sending out orgasmic sparks to counteract my brain freeze.

Starberry is worth popping by if you’re enjoying a sunny day out at Surfers Paradise and need something sweet to cool you down.

In love and food,



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