Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve today and with the year coming to an end soon, I thought that there was no better time to restart this blog than now. It has been a busy few months filled with uni, work, boyfriend, friends and family but now, the holidays are finally here! Working in retail during the busy Christmas season entails long hours, some cranky customers and a lot of patiences so I’m glad it’s finally drawing to an end and I can get ready to relax on Christmas Day and burn a big hole in my bank account on Boxing Day.

Do you have any plans for Christmas? J and I will be cooking a three course lunch for my family tomorrow and most likely spend the rest of the afternoon playing games. We haven’t had time to cook together in a while so I’m absolutely ecstatic for our date in the kitchen tomorrow.
In the last half year, I’ve been travelling interstate and consuming basically everything so I can’t wait to start blogging about it. A little bit late than never right? As well as that, restaurants have been popping up everywhere in Brisbane which is extremely exciting as I have new places to visit, try out and get my waistband expanding.Β 
I hope you all have a wonderful, feasting Christmas and a happy new year!
In love and food,

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