Berry Me, Sunnybank

With self-serve frozen yoghurt stores popping up all over Brisbane, it was exciting to see Berry Me finally opening its doors in Sunnybank.

Brights pops of pink dominate the interior of the store and is complimented by mint and white. The store looks fresh and young and draws in a lot of attention as it’s a pop of colour along a strip of earthy toned stores.

Berry Me frozen yoghurt Β is 98% fat free and their flavours include: hazelnut, mango, cheesecake, pomegranate, chocolate, green tea, strawberry and original. Their selection of toppings range from oreos to an assortment of fruits.

Pomegranate is probably the flavour I crave every time I come across a froyo store. Berry Me doesn’t disappoint with pomegranate still being my favourite flavour there, although the green tea frozen yoghurt is worth trying out. It’s a little light in flavour but still delicious nevertheless.Β 
Having been three times in two days, I’m pretty certain this is a dessert joint I will be frequenting on a weekly basis.Β 
In love and food,

2 thoughts on “Berry Me, Sunnybank

  1. That's a healthy selection of froyo toppings! I must admit that I don't frequently order froyos with fruit toppings, but I'm open to try. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I see lychee in your yogurt. And because lychee's my favorite fruit, I'm now excited to visit Berry Me. It's a bit of a drive, but that's what you've got to do to satisfy your cravings!


  2. Haha are you a chocolate & sweets topping kind of person? Oh yes there's lychee in it, so good! I think Taste at Carindale + City also have lychee as a topping as well. Have you tried Noggi yet? Their froyo is good, although it's not self serve


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