Crema Espresso, Carindale

With the opening of the new Westfield Carindale, a range of new restaurants and cafes have popped up. A particular highlight out of these new stores would have to be Crema Espresso. Already having a few stores open on the Gold Coast, it was exciting to see them bring their delectable menu to Brisbane. 
The menu from Crema Espresso offers a large variety which includes all day breakfast, steaks, burgers, salads and lights snacks such as bruschetta, dips and banana bread. 

A particular favourite meal of mine at this cafe would have to be the Eggs Benedict where they offer it with either bacon or salmon. The bacon is extra crispy on the outside but soft in the middle, which I find to be the perfect combination. Added with poached eggs, muffins and hollandaise sauce, you’ve got yourself a delicious winner.

Their wagyu beef burger was also undeniably amazing. The wagyu beef was tender and bursting with flavour. The added sauce, tomato, lettuce and beetroot added a fresh mouthwatering bite.

If you’re after a typical big breakfast, the full breakfast at Crema Espresso which includes bacon, eggs, turkish bread, tomato, mushroom, sausages and baked beans is a sure way to keep your appetite up and running. 
Crema Espresso doesn’t just offer a delectable range of meals, all the drinks on their menu, including coffees and frappuccinos are absolutely enticing. Their cookies and cream frappuccino in particular was refreshing and filled with an abundance of flavours.
I highly recommend this cafe if you’re out shopping at Westfield Carindale and need a little pick me up. 
In love and food,

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