Flute, Coorparoo

Flute Fine Food in Coorparoo is a beautiful restaurant that offers a modern twist on the classic breakfast. Situated in an intersection surrounded by other restaurant, Flute stands out with its earthy but modern toned decor. 
Offering an inside and outside dining space, both with spacious comfortable seating, Flute creates a relaxed atmosphere to sit back and enjoy breakfast slowly.

With a penchant for coffee, J and I both ordered a latte that came in a bowl sized mug. The latte was aromatic and smooth which was a pleasant surprise as we have often found coffees in oversized mugs to be either on the watery or milky side. 

The smoked salmon scrambled eggs with a dash of lime was absolutely exquisite. The scrambled eggs was soft and gooey in the middle while still firm on the outside. The smoked salmon, which in some cases can be quite overpowering in flavour and smell, was a delicious blend with the accompaniment of the onions and lime.

Flute’s signature breakfast consists of roasted bacon, poached or scrambled eggs (in which case we got both), potato and feta cake and avocado, complemented by a white wine sauce. The potato and feta cake with a drizzle of the white wine sauce was absolutely amazing and very palatable.  The roast bacon on the other hand was quite mediocre but it did complement the scramble and poached eggs.

Although the breakfast menu at Flute is quite limited, the selection that they do have is impeccable in taste and is always served in a big hearty portion. This is the perfect restaurant for a lazy slow and relaxed morning.

In love and food,


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