Ben & Jerry’s, Surfers Paradise

After one too many tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream over the past few years, and stumbling across a Ben & Jerry’s store in Manly, I’ve been quite ecstatic for Queensland to open up a store (not including the one secluded in Movie World). Finally, the epitome of all things deliciously happy has opened its doors in the heart of Surfers Paradise.

There is an array of ice cream flavours to choose from including sorbets, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate therapy and chocolate chip cookie dough (my favourite). As well as that, Ben & Jerry’s also offer waffles, sundaes, smoothies and shakes.

As the store is quite new, the staff are still getting trained and are not quite as proficient. After ordering my tub of chocolate chip cookie dough and triple caramel chunk, I proceeded to the counter with my tub to pay for it. The staff that served me however, stayed where he was to continue serving other customers and did not come over to put my transaction through. After looking at him for awhile, he finally glanced back at me but still did not come over to charge me. My friends had all paid for their ice cream and had left to sit at the seating area, but I was still left standing there waiting to pay. No one came over to serve or help me so I somehow luckily scored a free tub of ice cream!

Ben & Jerry’s also offer the scoops of ice cream in plain waffle cones as well as waffle cones with chocolate sprinkles, hundred & thousands, oreos and nuts.

Ben & Jerry’s in Manly
Ben & Jerry’s in Manly

I would highly recommend coming by and getting yourself a delectable treat.

In love and food,


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