Little Larder, New Farm

Brunch, on any given day of the week is probably the most exciting meal. Being able to linger between a late breakfast and an early lunch, it is the perfect opportunity to indulge in something that may be a little bit too cheeky for breakfast but does not constitute as a wholesome lunch. Little Larder, which has been relentlessly raved about, is the perfect hotspot to settle down with a coffee, meal and watch as the morning slowly passes by.

The crispy polenta with poached eggs, spinach, avocado and dill mayo is probably my favourite meal at Little Larder, opting for it whenever I feel like a less greasy start to the day. The polenta is crispy on the outside but starts to melt in your mouth with the first bite. It is perfect paired with a touch of avocado and a dab of jam.

The pesto scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and spinach is just as delectable. I tend to find scrambled eggs to taste quite bland and monotonous after a few bites but with the pesto infused in it, it is quite flavoursome, especially with the smoked salmon.

The larder plate is definitely a meal reserved for the morning after a big night out. With eggs, bacon, sausages, mushroom, onions, potato rosti, tomato and sourdough it is the quintessential meal to grease up the appetite and fill you up until the afternoon.

On top of their delectable menu, Little Larder offers delicious aromatic coffee. If you haven’t already been to this breakfast haven, I would definitely recommend a visit. However, be warned that it can get quite busy on the weekend due to its popularity.

In love and food,


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