Mighty Mighty, Fortitude Valley

Southern American cuisine, which is more so American comfort food, is up there along with pizza as one of my most desired foods. I could eat it everyday of my life if I was fortunate enough to not have my waistline expand tremendously. Mighty Mighty, a relatively new restaurant that popped up near James Street in the Valley is a perfect example of good comfort food and brew.

Louisiana prawn & clam chowder

Having only been introduced to clam chowder after J’s trip to America two years ago, I can say that it is possibly one of my most favourite starters. It is quite scarce to find in restaurants so when there is clam chowder on the menu, it is definitely going to be in my tummy.  The prawn and clam chowder at Mighty Mighty came out as quite a surprise as I was expecting a creamy based soup not a tomato one. However, the flavours in the chowder was distinct and really got the taste buds going. They did not skimp on the seafood as there was quite a few clams in there as well as a large prawn.

Mighty Mighty hot wings

The hot wings at Mighty Mighty were a bit disappointing. The skin was crispy and the meat was tender, however, it lacked the hotness and flavour a little. It was by all means still delicious but I wish it had a bit more of a tang to it.

Barbecue beef short rib
The smoked and glazed barbecue beef short rib with sweet potato chips, although quite small, was absolutely divine. The meat just fell right off the bones and the smokey flavours was just enchanting to the palate. The sweet potato chips were cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside whilst soft and creamy as you bite down on it. 

Mighty Mighty is the perfect place to hang out with friends, especially to grab a drink as they offer a large selection of brews. The atmosphere is quite energetic, with an upmarket but casual vibe. Although the meals at Mighty Mighty are quite small, it does offer the opportunity to go with a bunch of friends and order a bit of everything on the menu. That way you can have a taste of everything, and make room for more drinks.

In love and food,


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