Cowch, South Bank

Cowch is a new dessert cocktail bar located on Grey Street in South Bank. They offer a breakfast menu which includes yoghurt and muesli along with desserts such as churros, naked pops, pizzas and pastries and also cocktails which runs late into the night.
Decorated with quirky teats and milk bottle lights, the atmosphere at Cowch is warm and relaxed. There are plenty of couches, seats and even a fire pit, which is perfect for those coming cold winter nights. 
On one section near the counter, there is a wall of naked pops which is eye catching, unique and seemingly a popular item on the Cowch menu.

There are five naked pop flavours which includes chocolate, vanilla, coffee, mint and pomegranate. These naked pops are then dipped in either milk, dark or white chocolate and then topped with three toppings of your choice.

This was a chocolate naked pop doused in dark chocolate and topped with almonds, chocolate flakes and chocolate pearls. 
This pomegranate naked pop was dipped in milk chocolate and topped with pistachio, dried blueberries and chocolate pearls.

Cowch is the perfect bar for any sweet tooth, or those wanting a great place to have a sweet snack, drink and catch up with old and new friends. It is also extremely family friendly with sweet goodies for the kids and drinks for the grown ups.

In love and food,


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