Hatch & Co., Garden City

IMG_0107Outside dining space and water feature at Westfield Garden City


Chipotle BBQ’d chicken wings


Chargrilled spatchcock freekeh, currants, almonds, labna, pomegranate dressing


Braised duck ragù, basil, chilli, cavatelli

Westfield Garden City has just reopened its gorgeous new outdoor dining precinct with a stunning water feature. In celebration, J and I decided to try the much loved Hatch & Co., who has another restaurant by the same name located at Gasworks Plaza Newstead.

First impressions of the Garden City restaurant was that it was a lot more spacious than their Gasworks counterpart. As well as that, the view from the outside dining area was absolutely breathtaking. During the warmer months, this would be the ideal place to sit and dine whilst feeling like you were whisked away to another location.

The service and food was sensational. Although the main dishes didn’t look particularly big when served, they were extremely hearty and filling. (We didn’t manage to finish the wings and I found myself craving for it the next morning). Another standout was the labna in the spatchcock dish which gave it an extra zing.

With the revamp of the centre, it is exciting to see new restaurants opening their doors on the south side. I would absolutely recommend this restaurant for their food, view and extensive wine list.

In love and food,


Hatch & Co on Urbanspoon


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