Ben & Jerry’s, Surfers Paradise

After one too many tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream over the past few years, and stumbling across a Ben & Jerry’s store in Manly, I’ve been quite ecstatic for Queensland to open up a store (not including the one secluded in Movie World). Finally, the epitome of all things deliciously happy has opened its doors in the heart of Surfers Paradise.

There is an array of ice cream flavours to choose from including sorbets, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate therapy and chocolate chip cookie dough (my favourite). As well as that, Ben & Jerry’s also offer waffles, sundaes, smoothies and shakes.

As the store is quite new, the staff are still getting trained and are not quite as proficient. After ordering my tub of chocolate chip cookie dough and triple caramel chunk, I proceeded to the counter with my tub to pay for it. The staff that served me however, stayed where he was to continue serving other customers and did not come over to put my transaction through. After looking at him for awhile, he finally glanced back at me but still did not come over to charge me. My friends had all paid for their ice cream and had left to sit at the seating area, but I was still left standing there waiting to pay. No one came over to serve or help me so I somehow luckily scored a free tub of ice cream!

Ben & Jerry’s also offer the scoops of ice cream in plain waffle cones as well as waffle cones with chocolate sprinkles, hundred & thousands, oreos and nuts.

Ben & Jerry’s in Manly
Ben & Jerry’s in Manly

I would highly recommend coming by and getting yourself a delectable treat.

In love and food,


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New Shanghai, Queens Plaza

Having waited months for the opening of New Shanghai in Brisbane, the new restaurant in Queens Plaza has been hyped for delectable Shanghai cuisine. Being situated in the Brisbane CBD, I was curious to see whether the food at New Shanghai would be Westernised or whether they would stay true to their traditional taste. 
The dish that immediately caught my attention whilst browsing the menu was the xiao long baos (mini steamed pork buns). J and I have been avidly hunting down xiao long baos in Brisbane that could be comparable to those at Din Tai Fung for months now. After many failed attempts and cursing at Brisbane’s lack of palatable xiao long baos, we were extremely excited to see what New Shanghai had to offer. 
My mounting excitement was pleasantly surprised as I took the first bite into the xiao long bao. It was absolutely mouthwateringly, delicious! The broth surrounding the tender meat was hot and flavoursome and the pastry was thin enough to still taste and to hold everything together. 

The pan fried dumplings and wontons were both very flavoursome. With all the dim sims made in store (you can watch the chefs create these dim sims at the restaurant’s front window), they were both fresh and delicious. 

As an entree, J decided on the shredded jellyfish and raddish tossed in soy sauce. This dish felt very light and fresh, a perfect accompaniment to the dim sims and drunken chicken. 

The drunken chicken was perfect for snacking on, with the alcoholic taste not too overwhelming.

The deep fried crispy skinned chicken was very tender which balanced perfectly with the crispy skin and chilli garlic dipping sauce.

New Shanghai is a reasonably priced restaurant with an enjoyable variety of dishes. It is the perfect place to meet in the city with friends to share a few entrees and main dishes, which gives you an opportunity to have a taste of everything. I would highly recommend trying their xiao long baos and the other dim sims that they have on offer.

In love and food,


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Berry Me, Sunnybank

With self-serve frozen yoghurt stores popping up all over Brisbane, it was exciting to see Berry Me finally opening its doors in Sunnybank.

Brights pops of pink dominate the interior of the store and is complimented by mint and white. The store looks fresh and young and draws in a lot of attention as it’s a pop of colour along a strip of earthy toned stores.

Berry Me frozen yoghurt  is 98% fat free and their flavours include: hazelnut, mango, cheesecake, pomegranate, chocolate, green tea, strawberry and original. Their selection of toppings range from oreos to an assortment of fruits.

Pomegranate is probably the flavour I crave every time I come across a froyo store. Berry Me doesn’t disappoint with pomegranate still being my favourite flavour there, although the green tea frozen yoghurt is worth trying out. It’s a little light in flavour but still delicious nevertheless. 
Having been three times in two days, I’m pretty certain this is a dessert joint I will be frequenting on a weekly basis. 
In love and food,

Welcome to an Amazing 2013

Happy New Year! I hope 2013 is filled with more food, love, happiness, opportunities, friends and family. 

At the end of each year, I sit down and compile a list of resolutions and goals I would like to achieve. Some resolutions are broken within the first week of the new year, and some are never even attempted at, at all. This year, I’ve decided that my resolution is to live life without regret. To jump through every window of opportunity, find the positive in every situation and to pursue everything with a passion. 
I also have a separate foodie-resolution which is to immerse myself into the culture of the food I eat and learn how to be a better cook. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to recreate a favourite dish from a restaurant.

I wish you all the best year yet! Keep the smiles and laughter flowing throughout the year. 
In love and food,

Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve today and with the year coming to an end soon, I thought that there was no better time to restart this blog than now. It has been a busy few months filled with uni, work, boyfriend, friends and family but now, the holidays are finally here! Working in retail during the busy Christmas season entails long hours, some cranky customers and a lot of patiences so I’m glad it’s finally drawing to an end and I can get ready to relax on Christmas Day and burn a big hole in my bank account on Boxing Day.

Do you have any plans for Christmas? J and I will be cooking a three course lunch for my family tomorrow and most likely spend the rest of the afternoon playing games. We haven’t had time to cook together in a while so I’m absolutely ecstatic for our date in the kitchen tomorrow.
In the last half year, I’ve been travelling interstate and consuming basically everything so I can’t wait to start blogging about it. A little bit late than never right? As well as that, restaurants have been popping up everywhere in Brisbane which is extremely exciting as I have new places to visit, try out and get my waistband expanding. 
I hope you all have a wonderful, feasting Christmas and a happy new year!
In love and food,